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                           "YOUR PARTNER IN QUALITY"


Hala Industrial Co. is a leading specialized industrial company operating in Kuwait for more than three decades. Hala is the extension of Khwan Group. We are specialized in manufacturing and producing prefabricated houses for all entities and purposes. We are enhancing our contracting division for the requirement of the present scenario in Kuwait.

Hala is a leading company in reconstruction , and in order to meet our customers’ requirements, we have developed production lines responding to the desires of our customers regarding the possibility to add safe upstairs floors to their buildings , whether being residential , private sector or industrial purposes building, to serve our customers within Kuwait and abroad.

Hala has qualified personnel to provide an extensive range of services in prefabricated building systems. Our goals for expansion will solidify our position as one of the privileged in the region in construction material supply, furniture manufacturing and contracting. Our capabilities include the full range of arrangement & maintenance, repair and renovation of all kinds of prefabricated buildings, with mechanical, electrical, and civil facilities.

Ø  Objectives & Strategy:

  • Satisfying and serving our customers
  • Providing international quality in manufacture and raw materials
  • Compliance with standard specifications and quality to meet the desires of our customers
  • Commitment to deliver our projects within the specified time
  • Highlighting public health, safety and environment standards
  • Perseverance of our engineers for continuous development