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Hala Prefab Building Systems delivers quality, strength, and service at reduced prices for all of your custom and residential, offices, or any steel prefab needs.  

Hala realizes the importance of office space flexibility. That is why we design modular buildings and commercial steel office buildings that can accommodate all of your office space needs. Raise your employee’s level of productivity by giving them a comfortable work environment.  Hala understands that your company has specific space requirements and budgetary constraints. Therefore, we offer all affordable commercial steel buildings that are fully customizable with a variety of ceiling lights, windows, doors, building colors, and more. 

We are your one stop place for conference rooms, offices, cubicles, kitchens, bathrooms and server farm storage areas. Hala buildings will save your company time and money because such buildings can be erected in a fraction of the time it takes to build a brick, wood, or stone structure. 

 We specialize in two types of Porta Cabins, namely :

  • Light Gauge Steel Buildings
  • Sandwich Panel Cabins