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A Light Gauge Steel Building is a system where steel bearing sections are used as a base for the request. Therefore, it is an economic and integrated system, rapidly installed and executed. Its components are steel structure, insulating materials, approved coating materials and finishing materials appropriate for the customer’s opinion. Therefore it is preferred to use Light gauge steel building system, using the traditional concrete building method.

 Technical Features:

  • The weight of a steel structure is 200 kg/m2 approximatelyIt bears weights up to 1200 kg/m2
  • It bears a wind speed up to 150 km/h
  • High fireproof
  • Earthquake resistant
  • High resistance to humidity and heat
  • The possibilty to select external walls shapes among Cobond, Sigma, Stone or Granite boards

Major Characteristics:
  • Steel structure building system is a modern system internationally approved and applied in most countires in the world
  • Reduced costs and rapid completion as it saves 50% of the building time and cost
  • Uses more area, where wall sizes are less than those of the traditional method
  • Steel structures are light therefore it is suitable for old houses which face problems in adding floors
  • Installation is conducted by using fixing screws and angles to fasten sections insuring the structure strength
  • Strength and high quality bearing the hardest natural factors and conditions
  • Flexibility in executing all designs and it is suitable for all sizes
  • High bearing ability for all weather conditions in Kuwait, including heat, wind and humidity
  • Easy connection of services, including plumbing, electricity and AC services
  • The used and approved insulation system saves energy and air conditioning hence reduces the amount of electricity consumed
  • Approved Fiber cement boards used in coating, fire proofed for more than 120 minutes
  • It is the best resisting system for Earthquakes
  • In case of end of the building or unit purposes, the steel structure can be used economically, whether through reuse in another building or sale and using its price

Types of Buildings:
  • Villas
  • Chalets
  • Floor addition and elevation in existing buildings
  • Administrative and office buildings
  • Farms
  • Workers accommodation
  • Hangars and industrial sheds
  • Mosques

  • aerial view area b upper.jpg
  • caravan installation  b upper.jpg
  • dsc00151.jpg
  • dsc08823.jpg
  • rear elev large.jpg